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Powko has over 10 years experience as portable light towers and mobile generators manufacturer. Throughout this period, we have developed and maintained the most competitive prices on the net, with instant availability, and access to the best range of light towers and mobile generators. In addition to our standard and custom explosion proof light towers, Powko now offers their unique and efficient 6kw, 10kw, 15kw, 20kw, and 30kw portable light towers. Also as a diesel light tower manufacturer, Powko has been able to satisfy many more of their customer’s needs as well. Powko has proven and over again that they manufacture quality diesel light towers and mobile generators. Powko also understands urgency of deadlines and has the capability to produce more than 40 towable light towers/mobile generators per day on their assembly line. Powko’s impeccable track record has made it easy for them to maintain its reputation as the leading industrial mobile light towers and diesel mobile generators source.

Powko also has its own line of hazardous location or offshore ready light towers, custom electric light towers, portable light towers, mobile light towers, and many other portable light towers and industrial mobile generators products. We focus on the timely processing of your demands and assure you that your light towers or mobile generators order will be duly met. We have instant availability for light towers or portable generators and will exceed your expectations with the speedy delivery of thereof. At Powko, you can get access to the finest assortment of towable industrial diesel light towers and mobile generators, all of which are available for same day shipping.

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Featured Products

The Equinox

Wide Area Lighting/Stadium Style Lighting

This is the first and only unit of this kind. For large areas in need of total illumination, our 16 light (1000 watt metal halide fixtures) 20KW Equinox is the best substitute for the sun. With this powerful light source, you can go from oil fields, construction sites, bridge & road construction to sandy beaches or football fields. Unit options include a tandem axle trailer with sturdy outrigger stability along with 70 acres of light on the site. Generators up to 52KW available and higher watt fixtures also available.

Latest News

Powko Latest News

Powko launches new innovative detachable remote monitoring feature for light towers.

The Light Guardian System

The Light Guardian System is a removable security & surveillance system that can be deployed virtually anywhere by one individual, to any standard light tower on the market, in less than 10 minutes. Our rugged surveillance unit is totally self-sustainable and can be built with many different configurations of cameras, encoders and communication devices. IP based weather stations and traffic counters can also be included as options. The Light Guardian System is also virtually self-sufficient, and only has a single power source that connects to the light tower, providing simpler mobility. These options, coupled with our Site Management Software, provide a complete remote-management and monitoring solution to any light tower owner.


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